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What is actionpics

actionpics is a marketplace specifically designed for action photographers to sell their photos of non-professional sports people in action. Intuitive and simple to use, it is the easiest and cheapest way for photographers to sell their art.

With an easy­-to­-remember and find website and a simple search feature, actionpics makes the transaction a whole lot easier, as photographers can simply upload their photos, name the location, time and date, and the customer can easily find their photos with a quick search.

actionpics is committed to providing an excellent service while keeping the costs to the photographer as low as possible. We have the free-member option of no joining or annual/monthly membership fees and have minimised sales royalties to keep the revenue where it belongs: in the pockets of the artists!

How it works…

Imagine you’re in the water at your local surf break, you have your camera prepped in your housing and are treading water in the perfect spot. A surfer up the line begins to paddle for a wave. She pulls in, you line her up, chick! chick! click! chick! chick! You get an awesome sequence of shots of her pulling into a barrel. As she paddles back out feeling absolutely amazing, you tell her you caught her moment and it’ll be on “actionpics”. You go home, upload, name the price, location, time and date, and sit back and relax. The customer looks up actionpics, finds her amazing wave, and without any further interaction with the photographer, buys the photos. No emails, no watermarking, no hassles. 

And it costs you as a photographer nothing until you actually sell the photos. You can upload your high definition photos, and create a portfolio to showcase your work, all completely free!

You can also sell photos from your local football, baseball, tourist spot, wherever! Giving regular people the opportunity to buy high quality photos of themselves doing what they love is what we are all about. We learned in our research that < 80% of surfers said they would pay ranging from $20 to $100 for a good shot of themselves surfing. actionpics now makes it easier than ever to tap into this market, and with no upfront cost.   

How the site works…

A group of photos uploaded together with the same location, time and date, makes a “session”. This can be assigned a session price and sold as a group of photos. A session may be of the one sporting event, or photos of a particular player on that day, for example. Individual photos of a session can also be assigned an individual price and sold separately. To save time, sessions can have a default price which is given to all individual photos in that session, and the price of individual photos can also be edited - important for when you get that perfect shot that warrants a higher price tag.

Security is of utmost importance to us at actionpics and thus all photos are watermarked upon upload and the original hi-resolution photo is stored separately to guarantee security. Only the purchaser will have access to the original photo.  

We use the payment gateway, Braintree, an affiliation of Paypal, so no credit card details are stored on our servers, ensuring the safest transactions for all customers. Payments from apple pay and android pay are also available giving your customer additional options. In a couple of clicks, the customer has purchased your beautiful creation.

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